Seeing Beyond the Lens


about us

Photo by Dexter Melton

Ali + Kat

AliKat Photography was founded by two U.S. Marine Corps Veterans with a passion for capturing beautiful moments in time. They shared their skills with one another in order to become well-rounded photographers who aren't afraid to go outside their comfort zone and try something new. They decided to start a business to competitively bring prospective clients quality photos with a unique flare.


Ali Bardeguez

Ali Bardeguez is a 12 year United States Veteran and photo enthusiast; who started shooting black and white film. She found her love for photography when she was in high school, and continued shooting throughout the years as a hobby, while eventually switching from film to digital.

Trial and error was how this mostly self-taught photographer started, and honed her skill by continuously practicing and researching. When she linked with Katrina, the two of them formed a strong alliance and began to grow as a photography duo.


Katrina Lawson

Katrina Lawson served 10 years in the United States Marine Corps, and fell head over heels in love with photography while doing so. Katrina is a self-taught photographer who began her trade with taking beautiful landscape photos.

Katrina has grown into an "anything-you-want" photographer, and can shoot with versatility. Her eye to capture creates stunning imagery which easily grasps the attention of multiple audiences; and now with Ali on her side, this team is unstoppable.